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Classification of Mold Remediation, Mold Restoration and mold Removal


Are you dealing with health issues from very long time?

If you are moving your face and saying yes then we will guide you about its reason and if your answer is no then also this content will give you vast knowledge about mold and its best solution, just stay tune with us.

If you are suffering from different illness like tiredness, numbness, depression, breathlessness, irregular heartbeat, muscle pain, hair loss, watery nose, skin irritation or rashes, red eyes,  coughing, sneezing, wheezing, etc., then primarily you must inspect whether there is existence of mold in your home or not.

Now you might don’t know, what is mold?

Mold is a one type of fungi found in different shades of colors. We generally spot black, white or grey color mold in indoors while orange or red color mold in outdoors. Mold is sometimes refers to as mildew and sometimes can’t be triggered by naked eyes. Thus can be exists even in cleanest home. There is no predetermined season for mold to grow but yes, it is more noticeably in summer and rainy season.

There are three classifications of mold presented below.

Cladosporium is a dark colored mold enlarge at very low temperature in both indoors and outdoors and generally seen in dead plants, on food and in the soil. It flourish in damp environment e.g. AC and window frames.
Black mold sometimes refers to as toxic mold has a musty odor, causes many allergic reactions such as respiratory diseases, itchiness and fiery eyes. It’s predominantly found on ceiling tiles, wood, carpet and wallpaper.
Aspergillus is a fungus mostly found in stored grains and on certain leaves and approx 200 species of Aspergillus also motive infection in humans and animals. It causes blood infection and other health related diseases.

There are also some perks of mold, listing below:-

Mold is used in the process of decomposition of dead animals and thus it sustains the life cycle.
A word mold create a negative image but there is also a positive side of it, just have a look. You would be amazed that mold is used in the formation of some types of cheese like Gorgonzola, Roquefort, Danish blue and Stilton, which gives additional colors and textures.
You can also find mold in several antibiotics medicines, creams, shampoo, sprays, injections, tablets and solutions.
We can also eat some molds as a food such as mushrooms, which is full of vitamins and iron.

Best clue to detect it, molds are habitually survive where there is more humidity or any water leakage locale. So better solution is, do not exceed temperature above 40 degrees in your home and offices. After inspecting if, you find any type of mold then don’t be panic, just relax and make a call to Mold remediation specialist or an expert which will yield you best pre-eminent assistance.

What are the services they will provide you; let’s make a tour of it.

Expert team will first inspect your home’s locale water leakage. After that if, they found any type of mold they’ll start the process of mold remediation and mold removal. Step includes

Protect yourself first in the process of mold remediation

Full body protective cloths
Gloves and Goggles

Seal rest of the place with the help of plastic bags in order to prevent from mold spreads.
Now before starting the removal of mold, turn on exhaust fan, which will help to exit mold easily.
Usually dry mold spreads fast into air, so it is best to wet it with some water bottle spray to prevent it from mold spreads.
After the above steps, next step is to remove mold with the use of several solutions such as Vinegar, Bleach and Borax.
Next step is to kill mold with mold killing solution by spreading it on all places of the home even in the clean place, which do have mold but can’t be seen through naked eyes. This will prevent the mold coming back.
Now use HEPA vacuuming tool to remove any residential mold.
At last you can take a deep breath from mold issue.


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